Client: Newcastle City Council
Date: 09 January, 2017
Discipline: Interactive Installation, Hydroponic Technology, App Design, Animation, Collaboration, UX/UI

Public parks are a complex and much valued community asset. It can be a focus for civic pride, adding character, identity and quality to neighbourhoods. Such qualities are timeless, many are immensurable, and can so easily be overlooked in the bigger scheme of things.
It is our objective to understand and recongise that the current state of our beloved Parks are failing as funding is cut. It was our aim to provide a creative solution to help encourage and maintain Park goers, understand design in a socially and environmentally responsible context and to develop our professional direction.
Our solution Chloris: A community garden that celebrates being different from it's neighboursChloris is a mixture of installation art and vertical gardening using the latest hydroponic technology. Beside being  aesthetically pleasing, visitors are also able to interact with Chloris in various way. Users can adopt their own Chloris and grow flowers, or access  information and join the Chloris community via the app. 
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