Client: Design Against Crime Research Centre
Date: 20 May, 2018
Discipline: Social Design, Service Design, Branding
Makeright is a design education initiative led by the ‘Design Against Crime Research Centre’ at Central Saint Martins. The aim of this program is to break the cycle off re- offending by giving inmates design thinking processes and skills to help them find employment or become a entrepreneur once they are released from prison.
Over an eight week period the Makeright course will allow volunteers to guide inmates through a program that draws upon participatory and theatre design activities. Makeright aims to adopt an approach that is fun. Activities include; constant gaze portrait, personas, user journeys, bag typologies & card association. Frankenstein bag, 3D paper prototypes, body storming, sewing and iteration. This approach allows inmates to develop their ‘creative learning’ and to create a more ‘humanising person experiences’ because “some prisoners develop an unrevealing and impenetrable prison mask and simultaneously risk alienation from themselves and others” (Travis and Paul, 2003). All profits from the UK ‘Makeright’ project will back go back into the prison and Sue Ryder charity who already provide employment opportunities to ex-offenders.
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